Arizona Registered Principal Office

Companies generally operate as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies or a corporations. Each business entity has unique requirements and responsibilities that might be required under state laws. If a company decides to conduct business as an entity, that company will have a principal office as well as a registered office, and each office type serves a different role within the company.

A partnership, limited liability company or a corporation is a type of business entity. These entities are considered to be a separate legal entity from the owners of the entity. Once a company follows the guidelines established by the state and files in that state, the company becomes a filed entity. State laws generally require the company to maintain a registered office. Unlike a registered agent address or registered address, this address is the office location where the company will conduct business or store its company records.

This is not a virtual office or mail forwarding service, this simply allows you to state on your filed organizational documents that this is the registered principal address.

$30.00 / month


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